Cloudacus = Appaserver + LAMP
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  1. Cloudacus allows you to build and run an Appaserver application, including PredictiveBooks.
  2. Sign up by creating a new application and your first login name.
  3. Appaserver supports passwordless logins. If your login name is an email address, then a link to your session will be emailed to you.
  4. You have a legal expectation of privacy.
  5. Both Appaserver and Cloudacus support the Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  6. This is a free service. You are providing no consideration. You are not entering into any contract.
  7. If your application is inactive for the first two weeks, then it will likely be removed.
  8. If you submit your login name and application key in the Contact Form, then a shell account may be created for you. You then will have the ability to develop or install your own executable processes.
  9. Enhance your application with online integrity constraints enforced with javascript. You can upload javascript code without a shell account.
  10. A demonstration application is available. Use Application Key = benthic and press the <Public> button. Be bold!